Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pics from Support Dogs' Tacky Ball

I thought I should post a couple of pictures from our night at Support Dogs' Tacky Ball. The theme was "Hooray for Doggiewood" and I decided that I was going to channel my inner Mickey Rourke. My date for the evening was Anna Nicole (aka. my beautiful wife Lynn).

It was great to see how everyone, despite the current economy, was opening up their hearts and their wallets to give to an amazing organization. To see how these dogs are trained to help the disabled and how much they love being able to do so is inspiring. We also get to hear a couple of stories from people who have received a service dog and how their lives have been helped in the process. It seems to me after hearing their stories that these amazing animals do more than what they are trained to do. They offer a friendship and companion that is often needed more than anything else.

For the past three years I've donated illustration for this event as well as a chance to win a commissioned pet portrait which is auctioned off in the silent auction. I'm very excited to paint pet of this year's winner because, he is a service dog named Bentley . . . a very cute black Lab. Once I finish the painting I will post it here on my blog. I hope you enjoy the pics.

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